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My projects are all in various stages of development. Please take a glance at what's coming down the pipeline!


I offer freelance services as an Art Assistant, 2nd AD, Talent Assistant, Production Manager, and Coordinator


Please send a message here to inquire about services, day rates, and availability.  

You may access my production resume here. 


The Rite of Appetites - Post Production 
Runtime: 75 minutes


The world has moved on without David. Mourning the death of his father and living a self-isolated existence, cooking is his only comfort. When David becomes the subject of life's many casual cruelties, he receives a late-night visit that sends him down a rabbit hole of culinary infatuation and shifting palettes. This horror-satire tells an intimate story of loneliness and grief, salt and peppered with deep obsession, a hunger for adoration, and the musings of a ruthless food critic. 

The Baker's Boys - Pre-production
Runtime: 23 minutes


When the bi-annual plague ravages the small feudal kingdom of Spoondrop, the town baker is left too ill to provide. Archie and Hugo, the baker's young apprentices, are left to pick up the pieces. As anticipation in the town grows over the royal wedding of the Duke's daughter, Lady Eleanor to the silently wealthy Sir Angus, Archie and Hugo must pull out all the stops, navigating budding relationships, broken hearts, and mastering the art of the perfect loaf all before the big day. Please send an inquiry to access to the script, pitch deck, and investment opportunities. 

The Decision - Pre-production
Runtime: 14 minutes


Brian anguishes over every decision that he has ever made in life, relying on his long term partner Christian to bear the brunt of each inconsequential choice. That is, until a simple decision over what to eat for dinner spirals into an existential argument over truth and lies and the true cost of coming out. Please send an inquiry to access to the script, pitch deck, and investment opportunities. 

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